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Within the realm of the 9th dimension lives a vast empire of magical beings known as the YooDara. These harmonious people have watched over humankind since time began. Their concern over the human suffering they witnessed, and our lack of magical powers to combat it forced them into action. They discovered how to move between their dimension and ours, and soon began casting their spells upon us. In no time, the YooDara began seeing the results of their labor. All of YooDara rejoiced and celebrated.

Today many YooDara tribes live within the empire. Each of them is committed to this noble cause. The most legendary and influential are the Ancient Four. It is among the highest honors to be a member of the Ancient Four. The first is the Power Tribe, and it wields the greatest authority, followed by the Wisdom, Protection, and Good Luck tribes. Every tribe member specializes in their tribe's particular magic. However, when powers between tribe members are combined, the magical powers increase exponentially.

Although its existence has always been known in YooDara, dark magic remains taboo and it is forbidden. Unfortunately, given their curious nature and insatiable thirst for knowledge, there are YooDara members experimenting in the black arts. Some become seduced by it and follow a more mischievous and deceiving path.

It is said that the ultimate dream of a lucky YooDara is fulfilled when one is chosen to cross through the dimensions. In our world, the YooDara can only physically exist as small bundles of string representations of themselves. Although in our dimension we see them in an inanimate state, don't be fooled. They work their magic through us and their power is heightened in our realm. The secret passages that exist between dimensions have enabled them to cast spells that improve the lives of all humankind in more profound ways than ever before.