Take Them Anywhere!

Take YooDara Good Luck Charms Anywhere with you.
YooDara Good Luck Charms – Take Them Anywhere!

There are many different ways to show off your collection of YooDara Good Luck Charms.  Getting out in the world with our human friends is very important for a YooDara.  After all, we didn’t travel all the way from the 9th Dimension to be crammed into a desk drawer or dusty compartment in your car.

Hi, it’s Ace from the Protection Tribe.  My job is to take the fear out of flying and protect

YooDara Good Luck Charm - Ace

YooDara Good Luck Charm - Ace

you during your travels, so I’m definitely the authority on where the YooDara like to journey in life.

Upon closer inspection of your YooDara, you will notice that each of us has a ball chain attached to our heads.  Yes, mine is dangerously close to my beloved red comb that tops my majestic noggin.  No worries, it didn’t hurt, and yes, the chicks still love my look.  Use this chain to attach us to backpacks, purses, or key rings.  The chain also easily slides onto rear-view mirrors.  We literally love hanging out in your car!  Yes, from time to time, we may laugh at your atrocious parallel parking skills, but we will hopefully improve on your driving habits after spending some time together.  We’re here to help, remember?

YooDara make great decorations to brighten up that drab locker or cubicle.  We make an exceptional team when paired with a flower arrangement, plant, or gift basket.  Also, did you know that we are the perfect Christmas tree ornaments?  What other creative ideas do you have for displaying your YooDara collection?  Submit them by posting a comment below, and you could be featured on an upcoming blog post.

You’ve also probably figured out by now that YooDara absolutely love the spotlight.  If there is a camera anywhere in sight, you can be sure that we will do anything to get in front of it.  Help feed our hungry egos by uploading your own YooDara photos and videos today via the MY STUFF/MY MEDIA page.  Submit your YooDara multimedia, and your creation could be seen by thousands of our adoring fans on the YooDara.com homepage.  You can view submissions from other YooDara fans on the FUN STUFF/YD NETWORK page now.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for me to fly the coop.  I missed my lunch break and am dangerously close to snacking on MicroMini… bwa ha ha bock bock.

I speak on behalf of all YooDara when I say that we’re looking forward to accompanying you out there on all your travels, no matter how large or small.  Best of luck!

Your favorite Gallus gallus domesticus,


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