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YooDara Cleo will bring you fortune and good luck.

YooDara Good Luck Charm - Cleo

Well, I suppose I have been deemed with the most important task of bringing you fortune and good luck.  What could possibly make you richer than a plethora of free YooDara characters won through the exclusive contests found only on our social network pages?

Yes…yes… you guessed it.  It is, I, Cleo, from the Great 9th Dimension.  Therefore, I believe I’ll just have to clue you in on all the exciting things happening every day online!

  • FaceBook
    • Fan of the Week Contest – The more you post about YooDara, the more points you earn!
    • Battle of the YooDara – You decide who will become the Tribal Chief.
    • Free YooDara Ringtones – We could make beautiful music together.
    • Send a Little Magic App – Share virtual YooDara characters with friends and family.
  • Twitter
    • Fan Friday posts and mentions
    • Latest YooDara headlines, news, and updates
    • Special info on characters and tribes
  • Pinterest
    • Special images of the characters and tribes
    • Screen shots from mini-games and activities
    • Links to YooDara videos
    • Images of YooDara friends – you could be seen here!
  • YouTube
    • Exclusive videos released from
    • YooDara content produced by fans
    • Links to popular YouTube personalities featuring YooDara on their shows
    • Comments from viewers and fans

So, now that I’ve spent all of this valuable time educating you humans on the intricacies of social networking, the least you could do is mention me on one of our pages.  Or, even better, vote for me as Tribal Chief.  I mean, please… I ruled one of the greatest people that ever graced the Earth – the ancient Egyptians.  And all of this while raising twins!  I mean, I was practically on my own for all those years while Mark Antony was out fighting his silly Roman Civil War.  Anyway… that was over two millenniums ago.

So, show me and the rest of the YooDara some love on our social network pages, and we will continue to bring you all the luck you need in life.  Happy posting, people!

Your Supreme Ruler and Bringer of Fortune,


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