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YooDara MicroMini nibbles away at all of your worries and protects you from the stresses of life.

YooDara Good Luck Charm - MicroMini

Hi there, I’m MicroMini, just on of the many string protectors sworn to watch over all of humankind. Since my job is to nibble away at all your worries and protect you from the stresses of life, I’m here to make sure that your YooDara.com experience is first rate.  Let’s start off by getting you registered as an official YooDara.com Member! 

What’s that you say?  You’re not sure how to register?  That’s easy, my human friend.  Just click on the LOGIN/REGISTER link in the upper right corner.  When the LOGIN screen appears, select the SIGN UP option in the lower right corner of the form.

This will take you over to an easy SIGN UP form.  After creating a unique username and password and answering a few simple questions, you are ready to enter the 9th Dimension!  Once the form is complete, just click SUBMIT.

So, now you’re an official YooDara.com Member, congratulations!  Just whip out your favorite type of cheese (mine is Gouda), put your feet up, and enjoy our interactive world.  Here is a look at just a few of the fabulous areas to explore on YooDara.com:

      • Register your YooDara purchases (pick me, pick me!)
      • Track your collection
      • Print Certificates of Adoption
    • MY MEDIA
      • Upload your own YooDara photos and videos (make sure you capture my good side!)
      • View any YooDara characters from MY YOODARA that you wish to purchase in the future
      • E-mail your wishlist to friends and family (we make great gifts…hint, hint.)
      • Keep up on all the latest YooDara news (after all, we are practically celebrities!)
      • Post comments on our blog
      • View the results of the latest YooDara polls

Feeling a little bit like a lost mouse in a big maze?  Not to worry, just click on the YooDara logo at the top of the page to go back to the home page at any time.  We’ve got your back!

Now, you are truly ready to GO CRAZY with YooDara.  Phew, but don’t go too crazy.  I mean after all, I wouldn’t want you to stress about it.

Your Furry and Fearless Protector,


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