Take Them Anywhere!

Take YooDara Good Luck Charms Anywhere with you.
YooDara Good Luck Charms – Take Them Anywhere!

There are many different ways to show off your collection of YooDara Good Luck Charms.  Getting out in the world with our human friends is very important for a YooDara.  After all, we didn’t travel all the way from the 9th Dimension to be crammed into a desk drawer or dusty compartment in your car.

Hi, it’s Ace from the Protection Tribe.  My job is to take the fear out of flying and protect

YooDara Good Luck Charm - Ace

YooDara Good Luck Charm - Ace

you during your travels, so I’m definitely the authority on where the YooDara like to journey in life.

Upon closer inspection of your YooDara, you will notice that each of us has a ball chain attached to our heads.  Yes, mine is dangerously close to my beloved red comb that tops my majestic noggin.  No worries, it didn’t hurt, and yes, the chicks still love my look.  Use this chain to attach us to backpacks, purses, or key rings.  The chain also easily slides onto rear-view mirrors.  We literally love hanging out in your car!  Yes, from time to time, we may laugh at your atrocious parallel parking skills, but we will hopefully improve on your driving habits after spending some time together.  We’re here to help, remember?

YooDara make great decorations to brighten up that drab locker or cubicle.  We make an exceptional team when paired with a flower arrangement, plant, or gift basket.  Also, did you know that we are the perfect Christmas tree ornaments?  What other creative ideas do you have for displaying your YooDara collection?  Submit them by posting a comment below, and you could be featured on an upcoming blog post.

You’ve also probably figured out by now that YooDara absolutely love the spotlight.  If there is a camera anywhere in sight, you can be sure that we will do anything to get in front of it.  Help feed our hungry egos by uploading your own YooDara photos and videos today via the MY STUFF/MY MEDIA page.  Submit your YooDara multimedia, and your creation could be seen by thousands of our adoring fans on the YooDara.com homepage.  You can view submissions from other YooDara fans on the FUN STUFF/YD NETWORK page now.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for me to fly the coop.  I missed my lunch break and am dangerously close to snacking on MicroMini… bwa ha ha bock bock.

I speak on behalf of all YooDara when I say that we’re looking forward to accompanying you out there on all your travels, no matter how large or small.  Best of luck!

Your favorite Gallus gallus domesticus,


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YooDara Starr will bring you and your loved ones luck and happiness.

YooDara Good Luck Charm - Starr

This is Starr here from the Good Luck Tribe, reporting for duty!  I am the expert on bringing you and your loved ones luck and happiness, so let’s begin.


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Be an angel to your friends and make all their wishes come true by sharing the magic of YooDara.

Your Faithful Friend and Good Luck Charm,


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YooDara Cleo will bring you fortune and good luck.

YooDara Good Luck Charm - Cleo

Well, I suppose I have been deemed with the most important task of bringing you fortune and good luck.  What could possibly make you richer than a plethora of free YooDara characters won through the exclusive contests found only on our social network pages?

Yes…yes… you guessed it.  It is, I, Cleo, from the Great 9th Dimension.  Therefore, I believe I’ll just have to clue you in on all the exciting things happening every day online!

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So, now that I’ve spent all of this valuable time educating you humans on the intricacies of social networking, the least you could do is mention me on one of our pages.  Or, even better, vote for me as Tribal Chief.  I mean, please… I ruled one of the greatest people that ever graced the Earth – the ancient Egyptians.  And all of this while raising twins!  I mean, I was practically on my own for all those years while Mark Antony was out fighting his silly Roman Civil War.  Anyway… that was over two millenniums ago.

So, show me and the rest of the YooDara some love on our social network pages, and we will continue to bring you all the luck you need in life.  Happy posting, people!

Your Supreme Ruler and Bringer of Fortune,


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YooDara MicroMini nibbles away at all of your worries and protects you from the stresses of life.

YooDara Good Luck Charm - MicroMini

Hi there, I’m MicroMini, just on of the many string protectors sworn to watch over all of humankind. Since my job is to nibble away at all your worries and protect you from the stresses of life, I’m here to make sure that your YooDara.com experience is first rate.  Let’s start off by getting you registered as an official YooDara.com Member! 

What’s that you say?  You’re not sure how to register?  That’s easy, my human friend.  Just click on the LOGIN/REGISTER link in the upper right corner.  When the LOGIN screen appears, select the SIGN UP option in the lower right corner of the form.

This will take you over to an easy SIGN UP form.  After creating a unique username and password and answering a few simple questions, you are ready to enter the 9th Dimension!  Once the form is complete, just click SUBMIT.

So, now you’re an official YooDara.com Member, congratulations!  Just whip out your favorite type of cheese (mine is Gouda), put your feet up, and enjoy our interactive world.  Here is a look at just a few of the fabulous areas to explore on YooDara.com:

      • Register your YooDara purchases (pick me, pick me!)
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Now, you are truly ready to GO CRAZY with YooDara.  Phew, but don’t go too crazy.  I mean after all, I wouldn’t want you to stress about it.

Your Furry and Fearless Protector,